David Arnolde

Director of constRUCTION

Phone: (847)-875-3195

David Arnolde is the Director of Construction of MRG Construction.

Arnolde is the construction director at MRG Construction, boasting three decades of expertise in commercial construction across various sectors, such as restaurant/food service, hospitality, retail, shopping centers, senior living, offices, and transportation, nationally. A visionary executive, he excels in formulating and conveying compelling visions, collaborating with teams to devise strategic plans for operational infrastructure, systems, processes, and personnel to align with our organization’s growth objectives. With extensive knowledge spanning construction, maintenance, and systems, Arnolde profoundly understands the construction process and building lifecycle in a dynamic, expanding environment. He fosters a success-oriented culture at our company. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Northern Illinois University, with a minor in art and emphasis in architecture and accounting.

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