If you have stepped foot onto a commercial construction site, you surely understand that danger abounds. You do not need to look hard to find hazards that can cause injuries or even death. Therefore, everyone on the site must know of the hazards and how to take steps to avoid them. This article will break down some best practices in ensuring the best possible safety precautions to take on any construction project.

Use the Right Tools

One of the most crucial elements to keep workers safe includes wearing proper safety gear. Among the most important – and often mandated – equipment:

  • hard hats
  • steel-toed boots
  • high-visibility vests
  • and safety glasses.

We cannot stress enough how the use of the right tools and equipment can improve safety measures. For example, construction workers should inspect ladders before use to validate their good condition and utility. Furthermore, thorough training on proper operation of equipment saves lives; users should demonstrate competence in the handling of tools and equipment used on the project.

Workers who interact with particularly dangerous elements such as electricity, heavy machinery, and hazardous materials, should take the time to learn how to interact with these resources skillfully and safely, and they should always practice awareness.

Setup the Right Environment

Managers and construction sponsors bear the responsibility to maintain a safe work environment. This means keeping the site clean and free of debris. It also means having and utilizing a system for reporting hazards and near misses, regardless of how inconsequential the incident may seem. Developing a habit of recording these incidents serves to maintain a safe work environment and helps with root cause analysis should a significant incident occur. Finally, it means that workspaces should contain the appropriate safety gear along with design conducive to getting the work done ergonomically with minimal risk of bodily injury.

Build the Right Team

Do not discount the importance of teamwork. Everyone on the site needs to work together to keep each other safe. If you see something that is unsafe, speak up! Managers should foster a work culture which encourages feedback and reporting of hazardous conditions.

By following these tips, workers can help to keep themselves and others safe on most commercial construction sites.

Additional Safety Information

Here are some additional tips on how to maintain safety in a commercial construction site:

  • Inspect the site regularly. Walk through the site with a critical eye. Make sure that workers keep it free of hazards and that workers can count on functional safety equipment.
  • Train workers in safety procedures. Make sure that all workers demonstrate competence and confidence with safety equipment and know how to identify and avoid hazards. After training, test workers on their knowledge and skills. Then closely monitor their performance offering feedback, support, and additional on-the-job training.
  • Supervise workers closely. Make sure your team follows safety procedures and that they avoid unnecessarily risky behavior.
  • Be prepared for emergencies. Have a plan in place for how to deal with emergencies, such as fires, floods, or power outages. Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit on site and ensure everyone knows where to find the closest AED. We recommend having a certified first-aid professional on the premises too.
  • Communicate effectively. Great project management relies on all workers and stakeholders knowing their roles and responsibilities and what to expect when around others and in their work environment. Have a solid communication plan in place.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure the safety of all workers on a commercial construction site.

Hire the Right Professionals

The project managers and project superintendents at MRG Construction Corp hold the health and wellness of all individuals on the job site as our top priority 24/7. We relentlessly pursue safety on every construction project to reduce the risk of injury and the liability for our clients. Contact us today to discover the difference in how MRG Construction approaches commercial construction.