In March of 2022, MRG Construction (MRGC) commenced construction on an Aspen Dental buildout, and a month later began construction on the build-out of WellNOW Urgent Care. These projects stemmed from a previous construction project with Core Acquisitions, the owners of the retail space who lease to Aspen Dental and WellNOW. Located in McHenry County beside Route 31, Core Acquisitions decided that the highly visible location would make the ideal spot for a combined medical facility. Plans for the new retail space were created, and construction commenced. MRG Construction conducted all the project management and construction to build the shell of the building. After the MRGC team completed the ground-up construction project for Core Acquisition, The Aspen Group (parent company of Aspen Dental and WellNOW) sought the construction services of MRGC to perform the tenant buildouts for their two suites as well.

Shortly after The Aspen Group recruited MRGC for the projects, conversations about planning and execution between client and team began. Open and direct communication between both the Aspen Dental and WellNOW stakeholders and MRGC project manager Jin Yoo was necessary to create a space that was both realistically attainable and within the vision of the client. Requested services for these projects ranged from electrical wiring installation to meticulous placement of brick and stones for interior aesthetic. This job required extensive planning and coordination among all teams involved to ensure both projects were completed on time and with the highest-quality results.

Less than five months after construction began, the MRGC team transformed the two unfinished spaces into modern medical offices that feature both visual appeal and amenities to meet the needs of the employees within those offices. The bathroom facility’s tilework, the stone accent on walls, and the clean-cut paint job all contribute to office spaces that exude professionalism and style. They consist of the perfect blend of form and function with decorative elements and state-of-the-art dental and medical equipment. Our MRGC team members possess a variety of skills, from a multitude of trades, many of which were utilized throughout this project. Our full-service team performed plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installations for these buildouts which saved both on time and reduced costs for the client.

MRG Construction is honored to be part of another successful build-out project. We thank Core Acquisitions and The Aspen Group for the opportunity to collaborate and create modernized medical workspaces with them.

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