During the summer of 2023, Jessie Pan, an ambitious and talented incoming Senior at Purdue University, partook in a nine-week internship with MRG Construction Corp (MRGC) – a premier commercial construction company based in Chicagoland. Jessie sought an internship to help her gain valuable experience in her field – one that would include both office-oriented projects and feet-on-the-ground site visits. MRG Construction Corp presented her with an opportunity that proved to be a perfect match for the up-and-coming construction management student – an opportunity that would enable her to sample a variety of projects and positions.  

Throughout her internship, Jessie gained experience in various areas of the construction industry. The MRGC team provided Jessie with an immersive experience, part of which included assisting with estimates, project bids, and other essential office-related tasks. Here she learned the value of an organized system, collaboration, communication, and the slew of details and planning that go into each commercial construction project. On many occasions, Jessie received opportunities to visit active construction sites for many of MRGC’s projects. This list ranged from month-long Starbucks buildouts to grand-scale projects like Arie Crown Hebrew Day School in Skokie, IL. These visits allowed Jessie to witness firsthand a realistic depiction of how complex and challenging executing projects of different sizes can be. Jessie reflected on these visits and relayed one particularly memorable moment over the nine-week internship. On one of the site visits, an MRGC site lead offered extremely confident and capable Jessie the responsibility of managing a site for a few hours. A qualified professional supervised Jessie’s management assignment, but nonetheless, this experience provided a rare opportunity for the intern to learn and work independently in the field.  

Jessie commented about this experience, “It was a realistic look at what takes place [in the field] and I really valued getting to have that experience.” Another unique experience for Jessie took place at the Arie Crown worksite where she witnessed a helicopter transport two dozen HVAC units to the rooftop of the building! Click here to watch the video.  

Jessie recounted the experience and said, “It was an incredible moment, having the opportunity to see the helicopter and HVAC professionals work so quickly and efficiently to lift and place over two dozen units. The PMs and Superintendents at MRGC did a great job in putting together such a feat!” 

Jessie shared that she felt the construction team displayed a wonderful sense of unity, strength, and teamwork. She recounted that the degree of friendship and commitment among the team members astounded her and that the results of each project made it evident a strong team was responsible. The individuals on this team helped to foster an environment where she felt comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance. A few individuals in particular assumed a mentor position for Jessie. These team members include Project Executive Phil Soto, Senior Project Manager David Flores, Senior Project Manager Brian Molk, Superintendent Elizabeth Petrick, and Superintendent Jim Giaudrone to name a few. The entire team, from contractors to execs, made a great effort to involve her in projects which resulted in a one-of-a-kind internship experience. 

Jessies completed her construction management internship on August 4th, 2023. MRG Construction Corp extends our best wishes to Jessie in her final year of college and her future professional endeavors. The multitude of new skills, experiences, and networking opportunities that Jessie has now acquired from this internship will prove essential and valuable when the official job hunt begins for the bright, passionate, and extremely promising management student. We believe that Jessie will go forward to do great things within the construction industry and wish her the best of luck in her Senior year. Thank you for spending the summer with our team Jessie, we’ll miss you!