Following the successful ground-up construction of a gymnasium at HTC, Arie Crown Hebrew Day School (ACHDS) began construction of a new ground-up construction gym on the organization’s campus in Skokie, IL. The new facility will provide physical education and sports opportunities to students within a thoroughly modern and state-of-the-art facility.


The video on this page shows the process of installing precast panels for this phase of the project using lifting equipment including a crane, a telehandler, and an aerial lift.

About This Project

MRG Construction Corp (MRGC) currently works with the school on a significant amount of renovations and updates to interior and exterior spaces within the new building. This ground-up construction opportunity aligns well with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience MRGC’s team offers, and we accepted the project to add to the other improvements the day school has contracted us to perform and support their mission to provide a comprehensive religious and secular education to students.

For the exterior walls of the gymnasium building, MRGC erected precast panels. Manufacturers create precast concrete using reusable molds within a controlled environment. Builders have used precast concrete since Ancient Rome, and it remains a top choice for industrial, commercial, high-rise, and institutional work because of its consistently high quality and the efficiency of its installation.

As you can see from the video, skilled construction workers – aided by a lattice-boom crawler crane to lift the panels, a telehandler to move guiding hardware, and a boom arial lift – make a lot of progress in little time. After securing rigging, the crane picks the panels from the truck beds while a worker installs metal rods to the inside face of the panels, which will serve as guides and which support the panels as workers bolt them together into place. The crane carefully moves the panels into place, and workers ensure that the panels set into their intended location with skillful accuracy. After the walls are checked to be perfectly level and plumb, builders on the ground and in the aerial lift secure the panel into place. After workers release the rigging, the process begins again. Our crew has erected more than 16 panels in one day on this project whereby the entire external frame of the building reached completion in five working days.

MRGC thanks ACHDS for their support and trust in us to continue to provide excellent construction services to meet the institution’s requirements and standards.