January of 2022 started as a promising new year. Expectations of economic and societal growth following the pandemic saturated the start of the year with optimism and confidence for the first time since 2020. Within a matter of weeks, however, it became apparent that, instead of a year of rejuvenation and growth, we, as a society, would experience a year of perseverance and resilience. 2022 tested people’s stamina and ability to grow – and in some cases even thrive – under less than favorable conditions.

MRG Construction Corp, a Metropolitan Chicago commercial construction company, was not spared from navigating the series of obstacles that stem from the non-conventional pandemic landscape introduced in 2020. Though part of this year-in-review will detail the most recent challenges that MRG Construction has overcome, we will begin with a necessary recap of accomplishments and milestone projects to highlight what we do best.

Milestone Projects

MRG Construction Corp (MRG Construction) began operations in 2005. Since then, the highly qualified and capable individuals on the team have redeveloped, constructed, and managed various projects from the Bishop Plaza shopping center in Chicago to dozens of Starbucks coffee shops and Casey’s gas stations throughout the Chicagoland area. Though MRG Construction approaches each project with complete dedication and care, one cannot deny that a few projects each year stand above the rest. In 2022, five projects marked major milestones for MRG Construction and made a lasting impact on the workers and the communities that the projects took place in.

  • Range USA Gun Range in Hanover Park, IL: In August of 2022, MRG Construction Corp completed the ground-up commercial construction of their first shooting range, Range USA. MRG Construction’s project management and superintendent team led this project in collaboration with Range USA owners, creating an indoor shooting range that offers an enhanced recreational activity experience for people in and around the community. The impressive results of this project include a paved parking lot that accommodates dozens of vehicles, landscaping done to the exterior of the property, custom signage and lighting within the common area, plumbing and electrical throughout the building, and within the range itself, noise insulation and smoke ventilation that make the space a safe, efficient, and functional facility. MRG Construction is working diligently to complete its second Range USA in Mishawaka, IN.
  • The Completion of 22 Starbucks: Ranging from renovations to ground-up construction projects, MRG Construction completed 22 projects for the beloved global coffee shop chain, Starbucks, in 2022. MRG Construction is proud to frequently collaborate with Starbucks and create coffee shops for communities throughout Chicagoland. Because of this relationship, MRG Construction has been able to impact multiple communities such as in Rochelle, IL where MRG Construction Corp built the town’s first Starbucks, and the neighborhood of Park West in Chicago which is home to one of the original Chicago Starbucks locations which has been recently renovated by our team.
  • Accepted and Began Work on Our Biggest Project Yet – Arie Crown Hebrew Day School: Our professional construction team is currently building this 170,000 square foot project and expects to reach completion in Fall, 2023.
  • Completed our First Ground-Up Construction of an Aspen Dental and WellNOW: MRG Construction Corp had the incredible opportunity to build two healthcare facilities for Core Acquisitions in McHenry County Illinois. The ground-up construction of the Aspen Dental facility commenced first, and the following month, the WellNOW Urgent Care build began. After the initial structural construction was completed, our full-service team transformed the shells into modern medical offices that feature both visual appeal and amenities to meet the needs of the employees within those offices.

Though the above list of accomplishments features only five of our clients,  please note that MRG Construction Corp has served a diverse portfolio of clients with a great deal of gratitude. As a company, we aim to create Meaningful Relationships and Greater Connections, which would not be possible without the support, opportunities, and partnerships from every client with whom we have had the privilege of working.

Company Highlights

Over this past year we have also shown appreciation to our employees through events like the Company BBQ in July of this past summer, and the year-end luncheon in mid-December. Events like these allow wonderful opportunities to interact and bond with our team members from both MRG Construction and our affiliated company, Matanky Realty Group, to strengthen the entirety of the organization.

This year we also welcomed multiple new, and talented members to our MRG Construction team including administrative assistant Anita North, Estimator Dakota Robertson, Project Executive Phil Soto, Senior Project Managers Mark Robinson and Brian Molk, Project Manager Ben Fisher, Assistant Superintendent Eric Brooks, Superintendents Mike Falco, Jim Giaudrone, Steve Jaroch, and Mike Lombardo, Senior Superintendent Jolene Zychowski, Woodworker and Warehouse Manager Clemente Palomares, and Laborer Jonathan Slawinski. Furthermore, we welcomed two college student Summer interns for on-the-job training to supplement their academic education.

We are very proud of our growing team with our diverse range of qualified and capable individuals including our newest team members listed above. To both the new and current employees, thank you for your time, dedication, and hard work this year.

Tests of Resilience

Though we are grateful to have had a successful year given the challenging circumstances, one cannot claim that it was all smooth sailing. 2022 was ladened with tests of resilience, including learning to navigate difficult projects, challenges with sub-contractors, delays in material delivery, and worker shortages. Some projects encountered all of these challenges combined. However, our dedicated and conscientious team endeavored to take each challenge with which they were confronted, found solutions, united as a team, and in the end, managed to complete all assignments to our clients’ satisfaction. The biggest test came from one of our team members who underwent open heart surgery earlier this year. Thankfully, this resilient and strong individual survived and continues to create great work for our team.

We believe that, because of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our extraordinary and talented team, we made the most of this year to overcome the obstacles which appeared on our course. Thanks to our clients Starbucks, Core Acquisitions, Casey’s and True North Fuel and Convenience Stores, Aspen Dental, WellNOW, Salon Lofts, and Heartland Healthcare among others for the opportunities to help them realize their commercial construction visions. Thanks to all of our subcontractors and materialmen and most of all, to our team at MRG Construction Corp. for everything we accomplished in 2022.

Best wishes to all for a healthy, happy, successful, and prosperous 2023!