MRG Construction (MRGC) said farewell to the company’s summer interns. For the past several months, MRGC hosted students from various universities, introducing them to the exciting world of commercial construction, and provided them with skills and knowledge to help them achieve success in their future endeavors.

According to the job site, students who participate in an internship program make themselves 85% more likely to receive gainful employment post-graduation. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many internship programs across the country were terminated or placed on hold. MRG Construction proudly invited these industrious scholars to work, to learn, and to network in a unique experience which has helped the company to move forward better prepared the students for their futures in the working world.

Meet Our Interns

Miriam Zappa starts her sophomore year this Fall at Illinois State University (ISU) in their Construction Management Program. She says, “Interning at MRG has been such a fun experience. We never had a dull moment and shared many laughs. Besides that, I learned way more than I could have imagined. From accounting to project management and even a little about managing a warehouse. My favorite part was learning how everything works together to complete a project. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and am so thankful for all the people I have worked with here. I hope to use this experience to excel in the construction industry and hopefully lead me to a project management career in the future.”

Jake Nowak attends Florida Gulf Coast University studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He states, “Throughout my last ten weeks interning at MRG I have learned so much that I am going to carry on into my studies and my future work. I have learned every aspect of working in the construction world from making bids, working on sites, to handling payments for sub-contractors. In the future I hope to use everything I have learned now and over the next few years to be project manager.”

Judah Cohen is our youngest intern from Chicago who is entering his senior year at Fasman Yeshiva High School. Judah write about his experience, “I am an intern at MRG and learning how the construction business works and what goes into each facet of the business- on-site, office, and wood shop.  I have enjoyed my summer learning hands-on from experienced co-workers.  My plan after I finish high school and attend college, is to work in the construction industry.”

MRG Construction thanks our interns for their service and contributions to the success of our organization. We wish them the best in their academic and professional pursuits, and we will keep a watchful eye on their careers as they grow into the fine construction professionals we know they will become.

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