Casey’s Kitchens – Commercial Remodels in Wheeling & Bolingbrook 

Casey's General Store MRGC Remodel

In the Fall of 2022, MRG Construction (MRGC) completed custom commercial remodeling projects in Wheeling and Bolingbrook for Casey’s. Under tight deadlines and requiring incredible attention to detail, the MRG Construction team diligently worked to ensure that each location had the least amount of downtime and business impact working swiftly but with care to achieve polished final products. 

In 2021, Casey’s purchased Buchanan Energy, the company which owned and operated Bucky’s Convenience Stores. As part of this acquisition, each local Bucky’s location will be converted into a Casey’s moving from Bucky’s blue motif and branding to the bright red and white branding which defines Casey’s General Stores. 

In each location, the MRGC crew installed a new fully functional kitchen. Casey’s features fresh-made pizzas, salads, wraps, and donuts as part of their offering including other convenient store sundries such as cold drinks and snacks. This fresh-food model provides a need for ovens, coolers, refrigeration units, fryers, and wash stations. MRG Construction installed all plumbing and electrical components and fully tested the configuration to ensure that quality standards were met.  

In the Bolingbrook location, the conversion from a Bucky’s to a Casey’s went smoothly and according to plan. With new flooring, cabinets, counters, paint, and branding features, a new visitor would never have known the location to be anything other than a Casey’s.  

In Wheeling, additional space was required. In addition to doing all of the commercial remodel construction work performed at other locations, this Casey’s had a new addition added to the original building requiring foundation work, framing, roofing, electrical, drywall, and finishing to create a seamless structure that provides additional space for the store in which to conduct business. 

MRG Construction continues to proudly work with Casey’s as a preferred contractor to further convert other Bucky’s Convenient Stores from their current look and feel to the company’s new décor and amenities. Moreover, you can expect two brand-new stores in Aurora and Winfield, IL as MRGC conducts ground-up construction in these locations. We’re grateful for the opportunity to bring the convenience of great food and fuel to these neighborhoods.