HTC Ground Up Gymnasium Project


MRG Construction’s latest successful project, HTC’s gymnasium makes its debut! Sporting (pun intended) an assortment of custom furnishings and aesthetic detailing, glossy hardwood floors, the latest in electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, this gymnasium is bound to elicit delight and excitement from current and future students and sports enthusiasts who visit.

This project perfectly represents the astounding degree of craftsmanship with which the MRG Construction Corp. (MRGC) team approaches each new project. Our team provides the highest quality results for each client by utilizing our years of experience in the commercial construction industry and leveraging the diverse assortment of knowledge, skills, and abilities that our team members possess. This ground-up gymnasium’s success depended on recruiting a diverse and skilled set of contractors from many areas of expertise. From custom logos and lines on the court, to electricians tasked with intricately wiring the scoreboard and entirety of the building, this project called upon experts from all areas of the commercial construction realm. MRGC’s team handled all the work from the ground-up construction to the facility’s buildout, including the gymnasium, bathrooms, entryways and more. The stunning results of this project (images below) speak volumes to the talents that each of the individuals on the MRGC team possess.

This project was especially near-and-dear to MRG Construction Corp. and affiliate Matanky Realty Group (MRG) because many employees within both companies have relatives that attend this institution. Two current MRGC and MRG employees in particular are graduates of HTC. Yitzi Matanky, who served as the Project Manager for this project, is an HTC alumnus, and Robert W Matanky, the President of MRG, is both a graduate of the college and a member of HTC’s Board of Governors since 1986, making this already significant project even more meaningful to the MRGC team. The process of witnessing and actively playing a role in the transformation of this space from an empty site into an 11,000 SF state-of-the-art high-school gym facility thrills those members of the MRGC team who had the opportunity to work on this one-of-a-kind project.

MRG Construction Corporation extends a huge thank you to HTC for the incredible opportunity to build a new gymnasium facility. May the current and future students of HTC log many hours playing, bonding, learning, and growing within the building!