Interior and Exterior Remodel Starbucks in Belvidere, IL

Belvidere Starbucks Front Exterior

The recent MRG Construction (MRGC) completion of a Starbucks interior remodel in Belvidere, IL transpired over four weeks. Within that brief time frame, our full-service commercial construction team successfully coordinated, constructed, and met the various and intricate requirements of this project to ultimately bring this once outdated Starbucks back to a delightful place for customers.

Construction projects vary greatly in duration of time to reach completion. Depending on the client’s needs, a build can range from a multi-year ground-up to an interior “face-lift” which can last a few weeks. Regardless of the predicted timeframe of a particular project , MRG Construction treats each build with the utmost care to ensure the highest quality results. MRGC knows that, regardless of a project’s duration, one constant remains true across builds– the results must be transformational and improve the current condition. Both extensive and short construction projects have the potential to produce substantial results to entirely transform a space. The results from the four-week Belvidere Starbucks remodel support this concept as this short project truly changed the space in profound ways.

To begin this project, the construction crew gutted the front of house to create a fresh canvas that from which sub-projects would follow. New ceiling tiles, Eco-Grip flooring, walls fit with textured glass, and electrical work serve as a base and re-introduce the first hints of the revitalized Starbuck’s brand back into the space. Behind the new bar layout that includes a sleek wood trim, the MRGC team installed a filling station for cold-brew coffee  which includes a stainless-steel table with a sink, plumbing, and electrical. The management desk was given a new space that was outfitted with electrical outlets and networking data stubs, which both organize and optimize the workspace. The work room called for extra necessary work. Our team conducted mold remediation and installed new walls with FRP (Fire Resistant Plastic) – a material that makes it easier to clean –over the drywall. On the patio, new lights, a new clearance bar, and accent planters were installed.

This project, notwithstanding its short schedule, challenged our team in multiple ways. With as many sub-projects as this build required, extensive efforts were necessary to plan the most efficient and effective route to completion. MRGC developed a schedule and revisited the schedule communicating with all stakeholders daily to ensure timely delivery. We also scheduled and facilitated all inspections which were satisfactory by the client and the regulators. Superintendent Elizabeth Petrick said, “It’s important to know what you have and what you don’t need at all times because procurement and coordination of resources are critical to a successful project.”

MRG Construction is proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate and create with Starbucks again. We want to give a big “thank-you” to the Belvidere Starbucks for allowing us the honor of re-shaping your space!