One Month Transformation of Chicago Tapestry 360 Health

Tapestry 360 Reception Zoomed Out

The Devon Ave Tapestry 360 Health (formerly Heartland Health Center (HHC)) project perfectly exemplifies how a commercial space can drastically transform in just a few weeks. This project began on March 6, 2023, and less than a month later the facility at 1301 W Devon Ave in Chicago debuted their new and improved reception area, offices, exam and sterilization rooms to Tapestry 360 patients. Commercial businesses that feel limited by time constraints or fear a disruption in business operations can rest assured that our team at MRG Construction Corp (MRGC) operate as seasoned professionals in all areas of commercial construction – which also includes planning and navigation of tight timelines or variable schedules. In this case, MRGC managed to remodel the health clinic in a brief four weeks, and we delivered an updated facility that will enable Tapestry 360 to function more efficiently and better serve their patients.

Upon entry of the healthcare facility, a vibrant and welcoming color palette composed of rich turquoise accent walls, glossy white counterspace and desktops, and light wood dividers and cabinetry greets visitors and employees. The MRGC team painted and installed all these accoutrements. The formerly dark and mis-matched color space now exudes a bright, cohesive and soothing atmosphere that calms and comforts patients when they visit. This new design theme also presents itself in the remodeled offices and exam rooms within the facility. Delving beyond the beautiful work that the eye sees, the MRGC team also updated the buildings electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems and repaired the roofing and flooring.

The updates made to the facility throughout this course of this commercial construction project will help the Devon Ave Tapestry 360 Clinic continue to serve their community to the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness for years to come. MRG Construction Corp is proud to work with Tapestry 360and help them to remodel and improve their Chicagoland facilities.