Range USA Gun Range Ground-Up Construction- Hanover Park, IL

Range USA Enterior Sign on Front

In August of 2022, MRG Construction (MRGC) completed the ground-up commercial build of the Hanover Park Range USA (formerly Shoot Point Blank) Gun Range. MRGC’s project management and superintendent team led this project in collaboration with Range USA owners. Together, they created an indoor shooting range that offers an enhanced recreational activity experience to the individuals in and around Hanover Park, IL.

During the planning process for the Range USA project, the team was required to incorporate a unique feature into the range that would benefit all the staff, the patrons, and the neighboring residences; this facility would be soundproof. The combination of the specific reflective materials necessary to construct a shooting range plus the elongated layout of the space creates a reverberation chamber which has the potential to amplify sound to the degree of damaging the hearing of patrons and employees. Soundproofing a gun range muffles and contains the gunshot sounds and creates a safer environment for all. To soundproof a space, a large amount of insulation and a substantial amount of additional structural planning is required. Constructing a facility that achieves the highest level of security and safety while still displaying an attractive shell posed a creative challenge for the project team.

The MRGC crew completed construction of this site exactly eleven months after their initial commencement on September 15, 2021. The once grassy lot became a paved parking lot that accommodates dozens of vehicles. Landscapers planted tasteful flora along the perimeter of the building and the periphery of the property, and our full-service construction team installed a fence around the retention pond. Indoors, the communal space features custom signage and lighting that accentuates the many firearms that adorn the walls and lay within the display cases. The break room and bathrooms are fitted with plumbing and electrical work performed by the MRGC team. Within the range itself, noise insulation and smoke ventilation make the space a safe, efficient, and functional facility.

In Mishawaka, IN MRGC progresses toward the completion of another Range USA Gun Range. Stay tuned to learn about the latest developments with that project!

MRG Construction thanks Range USA for the opportunity to collaborate and design a gun range that will serve the people of Hanover Park.