Starbucks at Erie & St Clair Reno Project

Starbucks Erie & St Clair Featured Project Image

MRG Construction Corp (MRGC) recently completed another Starbucks commercial construction project – One of dozens of Starbucks remodels and renovations performed by our team of construction experts. Patrons will find this latest Starbucks on Erie & St Clair in the heart of downtown Chicago a block away from bustling Michigan Ave and the famous Starbucks’s enthusiast attraction – the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. This coffee shop experiences extremely high foot-traffic due to its central location and because it resides within the popular Hyatt Centric Chicago Magnificent Mile which is owned by Northwestern Memorial Healthcare (NMH). Location plays a key role in many businesses’ success, and the busier the area, the better the business opportunities for store-front retailers. Though this may give businesses within these high foot-traffic areas an advantage, retailers within these prime locations experience a unique type of problem. With large amounts of customers frequenting the establishment, the gradual wear-and-tear of the business’s interior and exterior will begin to show. The Starbucks on Erie & St Clair is no exception. MRGC accepted the challenging task to renovate the interior to repair the damages caused from years of service and to update the facility to include modern features consistent with the ever-recognizable Starbucks brand.

Northwestern Memorial Healthcare hosts both these Hyatt and Starbuck locations meaning that all construction projects on the premises must abide by the NMH rules and regulations – some of which required MRGC to attain special certifications to perform certain tasks. Prior to and throughout the duration of the project, the MRGC team collaborated with NMH’s hotel engineers and various other team members to ensure success in all aspects of this project. From the aesthetic design to safety measures, the client shared detailed requirements which MRGC met to the facility’s complete satisfaction. At the request of NMH, and to maintain regular business operations within the hotel, MRGC installed a hoarding wall (temporary structure meant to conceal a construction project) around the job site. Once the hoarding wall was installed, the interior renovation commenced. This project consisted of extensive planning and collaboration with multiple parties, the installation of updated electrical and plumbing systems, the addition of modernized cabinets, millwork, light fixtures, flooring and drywall, a revamped kitchen and dining area, and aesthetic detailing.

In less than a month, workers skillfully updated both the design and functionality of this space. This remodel has reshaped the Starbucks at Erie & St Clair, providing the coffee shop’s employees with a space that will surely improve operations, and ensuring that any customers that stop by the shop have a comfortable visit, and a positive first impression.

MRG Construction Corporation extends a huge thank you to Northwestern Medical Healthcare and the Starbuck’s team for the incredible opportunity to revamp your space. From all of us at MRGC, may your business have continued success for the many years to come!