Starbucks Full Ground-Up and Tenant Build-Out in Rochelle, IL

Rochelle Starbucks Exterior

MRG Construction Corp (MRGC) thanks Starbucks for another great opportunity to work with the largest coffee chain in the world on commercial construction projects ranging from ground-up construction to remodels and renovations. One of our biggest Starbucks projects to date is a Starbucks constructed in Rochelle, IL. This project began with ground-up construction and the creation of the structural shell as a project for the landowner. From there, the MRGC team proceeded onward with a full tenant build-out to turn the standard plain vanilla shell base into a recognizable Starbucks through the utilization of the brand’s favorite go-to interior design features.

Being a choice destination for coffee lovers the world over, millions of people regard Starbucks as a stylish company, often praising the cafes for their comfortable yet fashion-forward interior décor elements which they incorporate into every location. Being trusted by such a recognizable and heavily branded company to bring the vision for both the interior and exterior design to life, motivates our professionals to go beyond our best to deliver a highly polished product that satisfies all requirements. MRGC never backs down from a challenge to deliver in a big way on significant commercial projects such as this.

Though all Starbucks are known to possess a similar atmosphere and incorporate specific features into the space that trigger a particular sense of familiarity across shops, no two Starbucks are quite the same. At this Starbucks location, the construction team made ample use of wood and tile as thematic elements throughout this commercial build-out project. A glossy white subway tile backsplash lines the walls behind the counter, and lightly marbled tiles run the length of the restaurant floor, both of which contribute to the overall sleek appearance of the restaurant. Mid-century modern leather booths and chairs within the seating area beautifully complement the long wooden bar, cabinets, and tables. The lighting that the MRGC team installed illuminates the eatery while serving as another decorative feature in the guest seating area. The stone and brick that ascend the front and sides of the building, coupled with the large natural light emitting windows that wrap around the front, make the shop feel inviting and comfortable. More than that, MRGC installed new plumbing, electrical, and HVAC– all systems which demand the highest quality of expertise to install to provide the best possible efficiency and effectiveness for an establishment to successfully operate.

This being the first Starbucks in Rochelle, MRG Construction Corp wishes the shoppers within the community refreshment and retreat at this proudly built Starbucks location.