Starbucks – Naperville

Starbucks Naperville

860 W. 75th
Naperville , Illinois 60565

Anyone in construction will tell you the toughest part of remodels is that you never know what you will find once you open up the walls. This was no different except it was the floor. Additionally, when you encounter such obstacles on a tight schedule, it’s harder for everyone that follows. You simply just don’t have a lot of time for the unexpected. Unfortunately, we ran into a completely rotted out cast iron pipe about 4′ in length. Because of the removal of that pipe, we had additional saw cutting, excavation and tile work that had to be completed prior to installing the cabinetry. Instead of leaving the floor looking like several tetris pieces, we decided to demolish a bit more than intended and leave the store with a completely brand new floor in the cafe and back line. Prior to construction, it was a hodge podge of flooring with four different kinds within customer view. Now it is one, uniform beautiful floor that really makes the store look clean and refreshed.


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April 19, 2021