Starbucks – Norridge

  • 10 week project
  • Build-out

In a matter of just ten weeks, the MRG Construction team transformed the Starbucks of Norridge, IL from a gutted interior and a vision into a space that perfectly encapsulates the sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere that the Starbucks brand strives to replicate at all locations. Possessing a fashion-forward interior while also maintaining the signature Starbucks warm and inviting charm, this custom build-out construction project enhances the Norridge Starbuck’s customer experience.

A highly populated area with substantial amounts of foot traffic makes this Starbucks a highly sought-after location. The surrounding area is heavily concentrated with both shopping destinations and various other activities which aid in attracting exhausted shoppers desiring a respite from their excursions. Many professional establishments surround this Starbucks attracting those employers’ workers and clients for a midday pick-me-up. The abundance of accessibility and neighboring amenities make this Starbucks a prime location that Norridge residents will both appreciate and celebrate.

Starbucks saw a wealth of potential in this location and an opportunity to provide the Norridge community with a space to retreat and relax. To bring their vision to fruition, our exceptionally skilled and dedicated team of construction professionals at MRG Construction division operated with the upmost efficiency and highest quality craftsmanship.

This build-out project began in June of 2022, with only unfinished, wire-clad walls and concrete floors. It was understood by the construction team and the client that this was a challenging project. Creating, installing, adjusting, and designing such an elaborate interior landscape would challenge other construction companies to an extensive degree. However, with a team as technically skilled and artisan minded as ours, this project was well within our wheelhouse. To achieve and reflect the warm and homey ambiance that all Starbucks possess, we created an open floor concept complimented with a rich and warm color scheme. This pairing allows for ample seating space within the dining area and a cozy atmosphere through the use of earth tones. A gorgeous wrap-around banquet table spans the seating area, providing both a visually appealing and intriguing furniture piece plus plentiful seating for customers. Brick, stone, and tile adorn the exterior walls and interior floors, which contribute to the tastefully modern but timeless appearance the space exudes.

The MRG Construction crew transformed this unrefined site into a beautiful, unique, and inviting space that we hope Norridge residents will enjoy and associate with relaxation, community, and much-needed “me-time”.


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September 13, 2022