Starbucks – Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Starbucks - Northwestern Memorial Hospital

251 E. Huron, Ground Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60611

This was a first on many levels. We have done a good amount of Starbucks projects and thankfully we could always rely on our past knowledge to build the store. However, other factors, such as: working on a store inside a major hospital, a store that is above a secure pharmacy, working with new, hospital approved only contractors, all while maintaining protocol during a major pandemic, created many challenges during the 6-week project.

Our contractors did an amazing job, not only with the work they performed, but also navigating hospital rules and resolving issues thoroughly and quickly. The store was operating within outdated code requirements that had to be updated and in order to do so, had to be done all at night, overhead. Doing this and finding paths for termination in an atrium (Starbucks sits in Feinberg Pavilion with 30 feet of open space above the store), was difficult but as a team, we worked through it and completed a beautiful new store with a near zero punch list.

Our gratitude and appreciation to our contractors and our Site Superintendent, Jose Orellano, is unmeasurable.


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April 19, 2021