Three Starbucks Buildout Projects in Illinois Healthcare Centers 

Starbucks Wooden Bar

MRG Construction Corp (MRGC) continues to serve Starbucks in the coffee giant’s continued expansion efforts in Illinois with dozens of construction projects already completed and several more in full production presently. 

Our capable crew of construction professionals completed two very important interior tenant build-outs plus one commercial remodel project. Within each of the three separate healthcare facilities, we installed a new Starbucks. Now doctors, nurses, office staff, patients, and visitors and other denizens of these locations have access to a much-needed hot venti coffee, a grande hot tea, a tall Frappuccino, or any of the other tasty wares found at these very convenient coffee shops. 

The three healthcare centers with a new Starbucks include: 

  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital – Starbucks #2373 
    251 E. Huron, Ground Floor 
    Chicago, Illinois 60611 
  • Prentice Women’s Hospital – Starbucks #65456 
    250 E. Superior Street 
    Chicago, Illinois 60611 
  • RUSH – Starbucks #66051 
    600 S. Paulina 
    Chicago, Illinois 60612 

The Work We Performed 

As commercial tenant build-out projects, the MRG Construction Corp team received an empty shell within the healthcare facility for Prentice Women’s Hospital and Rush. Northwestern Memorial required a full gut-and-remodel. The mission provided to the construction professionals was the same in each location:  

  • Meet all structural, functional, and aesthetic requirements 
  • Maintain brand integrity 
  • Complete the project on time and within budget 

Workers included professionals specializing in electrical, plumbing, framing and drywall, HVAC, flooring, cabinetry and woodwork, and other trades. The construction team deftly built a comfortable dining area for guests, the characteristic countertops for baristas to use to conduct transactions, and fully functional kitchens, coffee-service areas, and wash stations where the “magic” happens. We also addressed other aspects as needed including lavatories and managerial office space. 

Building within hospitals poses a significant challenge. To maintain cleanliness and safe air quality, construction workers must abide by stringent rules and regulations. Project managers and superintendents attended air-quality-control meetings, tradespeople needed to install Hepa filters and fresh-air equipment within the barricade walls which were required to be erected to do any work, and daily fire-watch inspections were conducted. 

These Starbucks have been open to the public and serve a wide variety of patrons on a daily basis helping people both cope with bad news and to celebrate health, wellness, and recovery. 

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