Sitework plays a crucial role in any commercial construction project. It refers to the initial phase of construction that involves preparing the construction site before any building can begin. Being one of the first steps of the construction process, all workers involved in the project must have a deep understanding of the project scope and requirements throughout the entirety of the site work portion because all components of this phase can significantly have an impact on the project’s success. Do not take the importance of site work in commercial construction lightly as it possesses both the power to move a project forward or significantly delay it. The good news for construction teams and those who have recruited a team to bring their vision to life is that, if the following steps are taken and followed accordingly, a project can be underway in as little as a few weeks! Now, let’s break down the basics of site work,

Foundation Prep

This step involves excavation and general clearing of the site. This step helps to create a stable foundation on which the future build will reside with stability and durability. This essential step prevents structural issues and maintains the safety of the commercial structure.

Infrastructure Installation

Sitework includes the installation of necessary infrastructure components like water lines, sewage and drain systems, electrical systems, and telecom networks. To be a fully functioning commercial building, trained and skilled workers such as the MRG Construction team must install these systems.

Access Points & Utilities

Sitework establishes access points to the construction site so workers and equipment can safely be transported to the site. It also involves the setup of temporary utilities such as power, water, and hygiene facilities for the workers.

Environment Alterations

To avoid weather deteriorating or damaging the property, site work construction workers must take measures to ensure that the structure can withstand significant weathering. Storm-water management, erosion control, and landscaping comprise some of the elements addressed during this step.

Rules and Regulations:

In the world of construction and project management, stakeholders must procure permits as an essential step to ensure that the project meets all safety and code regulations. Meeting those regulations may eliminate obstacles such as additional inspections to ensure a project delivers the end product on time. The failure to receive the correct permits could result in delays and legal action being taken.

Project Planning

This extensive part of the site work process makes sure that the environment and conditions on the anticipated build site meet requirements for good quality and safety. This involves trips to the site for surveys, soil tests, and analysis of the conditions to determine the scope of work. Accurate site work planning helps identify potential challenges and risks, enabling better project scheduling and budgeting.

Sitework serves as the foundation upon which the entire commercial construction project is built. Any build should begin with site work for the overall project’s success because it sets the stage for construction activities that follow and helps to create a safe and comfortable work environment for the construction workers involved in the build process.

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