Ground Up Construction

If you’re seeking total control over your project and design, ground up construction is the way to go. You choose the exact site, building design and finishes. It gives you the opportunity to plan your project from start to finish.

Benefits of Ground Up Construction

Ground up construction gives you a blank slate – literally. Since you’re able to start from scratch, you’ll have more creative freedom; budget is your only constraint.

When thinking long term, ground up construction gives you the flexibility to plan for future building and business growth. You know the project’s entire history and can create a custom-built space for your business needs and goals.

Ground Up Construction

Our Approach to Ground Up Construction

As your ground up construction team, MRG Construction Corp is there for you throughout the entire project, taking the time to understand your needs and overall vision from the start.

Whether you’re coming to us with established plans, or starting from ground zero, we are equipped to handle your project. Through our connections and relationships, we can set you up with the right resources needed to get your project off the ground.

We never work off a specific agenda or preferred construction style. Instead, we let your ideas take the lead while offering tailored feedback and suggestions to minimize cost, decrease the project timeline and streamline design.

Each project is unique. Some ground up projects require demolition and excavation, while others start with the foundation. Regardless of scope, our team is experienced in managing all project types.

Why Choose MRG Construction Corp

As developers ourselves, we’ve been where you’re standing. Your ground up construction partner needs to be an expert who can execute your ideas while providing you with guidance. When you hire MRG Construction Corp, you’re hiring a dedicated team that will leverage its governmental, industry, and affiliate relationships to deliver the best construction experience.

As general contractors, we also specialize in interior tenant build out and commercial remodeling. Explore our other specialties, give us a call, or scroll through some of our past work.

Choosing MRG Construction Corp means the relationship doesn’t have to end when the punch list is complete. If you are seeking leasing assistance, management services, or are already looking for your next investment, we’re able to introduce you to our full-service brokerage team, Matanky Realty Group.